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Explore the sonic universe of live improvisational music and jam culture with DJ Bosco. Each week hear recordings from an extensive archive of hundreds of live concert recordings and the scene’s best studio albums. You're going to be hard pressed to hear this music anywhere else. Expect classic rock’s funky riffs & shredding guitar solos, the jam-tronica scene’s tightest electronic grooves, jam grass’ foot stompin’ vibes and everything else in between. If it's something you would hear in the parking lot before a concert, and it jams, you can find it on DONTBESQUARE JAMZ! Along the way, experience thought provoking artist and industry insider interviews, live on-air in-studio performances and more than the mind can fathom! Think of DONTBESQUARE JAMZ as your source for the pulse of the local, regional and national music scenes. Start your Thursday night off right; be in the know, discover the music that permeates all around you!